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March 31, 2014

Masculine chic

So, in my most recent post I was talking about how much I love this kind of masculine-chic - and this outfit I wore a few days ago represents exactly what I meant :-)

(foto taken from my instagram-page)

March 29, 2014

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Spring has finally arrived in Vienna, and though I'm currently fighting against a bad cold (for the first time this year), I am in an all-over-spring-mood ;-). I'm so totally happy that the sun now finally comes out, the trees are all in flower, and wherever you look, it's green and pink.
Especially in Vienna I always experience spring as something really special, because the city seems to awake from winter like a sleeping beauty.
So I decided to sum up all my fashion-must-haves for the upcoming season, things I love and definitely shouldn't be missed in every woman's wardrobe.

First of all, something I really need right now is a coat in one of these trendy sorbet-colors. I love these finely graduated nuances, as they lighten each outfit up. For me, a coat always represents some Grace-Kelly-eternal-chic, so the new coats in those light colors are kind of an "upgrade" to your wardrobe.

coat: H&M, via

coat: zara, via

coat: hobbs, via (on sale now!)

coat: zara, via

coat: By Malene Birger, via

Secondly, I'm desperately seeking for one of those long-blazers since years. My closet is full of fitted blazers, but no long-blazer. Right now, I love to give my outfits kind of a masculine-touch, and I think that a long-blazer is the perfect piece to complete this look. By now, I've always borrowed one or two from my mother's closet, but it's definitely time to get one for my own ;-). My favorite pieces by now:

Stella McCartney, via

1205, via

hobbs, via

mango, via

mango, via

H&M, via (on sale now!)

H&M, via

I'm in love with these skirts right now - you can wear them in all-over lady-chic-look, but also crash it with a funky top or a jeans-vest. 

whistles, via

Mango, via

H&M, via

Tibi, via

Zara, via

I'm a huge fan of sunglasses, I absolutely love them! For me, an outfit is only completed, when it fits with your sunglasses. This season, I prefer cat-eye-form, because it grants your outfits this elegant retro-chic. Now, I only have to decide between these.... :-)

H&M, via

Le Specs, via

Dolce & Gabbana, via

Miu Miu, via

Miu Miu, via

Miu Miu, via

I wish all of you funny spring-shopping! Hope my suggestions have inspired you ;-)!

(Credits to all the designer's websites:
I do not own any of these pictures.)

March 10, 2014



My new "Elie Saab - L'Eau de Couture" perfume - it smells like his creations and feels like a warm day in the city, sitting in a coffee shop and eating macaroons! And I absolutely adore the flacon in this delicate light green!

I'm in love with the new "Dior Exquise Lipgloss" - looks pink, but your lips will glow with a natural pinky blossom. I'm addicted to this color and literally wearing it to all my outfits!

A classic never gets old - this march I prefer Essie's "Sand Tropez" on my nails - it's a color you can wear to everything, and it will always look elegant and clean.

For a natural glow on the eyes, I can recommend Kiko's eye shadow No. 139, which looks absolutely fabulous! Once you have applied it, it will last the whole day and will make your eyes look bright.